Book Review

I know that many authors provide pre-written reviews of their books to affiliates.

I understand the good intention - it takes time to read a book, and not many affiliates have the time - but at the same time too many copycat book reviews make it difficult for customers to trust what's being said.

I encourage you to email my affiliate team*, and we'll send you a review copy of the first chapter. One chapter won't take you long to read, and it will give you a great insight into the book and its message. Then, you can write your own killer book review that will sell because it comes from your heart!

In the meantime, here is a partial list of the topics covered in my book.
  • do you give off “good vibes”?
  • how i know you’re going to meet someone
  • why it’s great to be single
  • chemistry won’t strike unless you do this
  • what is the “friends zone“?
  • the difficulty of thinking positive
  • you have to love yourself first
  • who’s starring in your love story?
  • what it takes to be the woman men can’t get enough of
  • why you should avoid being “what men want”
  • how to keep your power with men
  • how to stop being nervous with men
  • how men form their opinions about you
  • what it takes to be a winner in love
  • why rejection is a good thing
  • is having feelings for someone a sign of true love?
  • men made easy
  • what men want from women
  • what it takes to be happy with someone
  • how men compartmentalize women
  • what if he’s unhappy in the relationship?
  • can a bed buddy become a boyfriend?
  • what to do if you’re attracted to a bad boy
  • how to identify a real man
  • the biggest threat to your relationships
  • why it’s so satisfying to play hard to get
  • how to attract your perfect match
  • have men failed us?
  • how past relationships affect you
  • when you hand over control to him
  • the importance of passion
  • playing the lottery of love
  • healing your heart
  • how to defuse difficult feelings
  • what if you’re shy or uncomfortable around others?
  • what if you’re too busy to date?

*Please provide us with a link to the website on which the review will be placed.